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{January 1, 2010}   Happy New Year!!!

I can’t believe a decade is over! I can’t believe I survived the decade! Here’s to new beginnings, closing of chapters in one’s life.  Here’s to having more peace and love!

Here’s a couple songs to dance to, to bring in this New Year!

Love it, you can’t help but at least sway your head to this song and maybe your hips!

Once this song is in your head you can’t help but start humming it later!!


{December 31, 2009}   It’s Complicated

No, I’m not talking about my life. HAHA! I am, however, talking about the movie. The movie which stars the always fabulous Meryl Streep, the incredibly hilarious Steve Martin and the uncouth Alec Baldwin. Okay, I do have to admit that Alec did have his moments in this movie.

Before I was pushed out the door went and seen the movie, I read the reviews.  I read like three reviews that said it wasn’t good.  So, before I decided it was a toss up between It’s Complicated and Brothers (which I intend to see when it comes to video).  Going into It’s Complicated I prepared for the worst and came out smiling.  I love those types of movies that make me both laugh and cry.  (Okay, I teared up a little and didn’t go all out because I was alone and felt silly in an almost sold out theater) It was a great movie, go see it or rent it when it comes out!

The movie is about this divorcee who starts sleeping with her ex-husband.  Her ex-husband, who is currently married to a 30-something with a 5 year old, proclaims that he’s still in love with Jane (the main character).  However, in the two weeks of having the affair he doesn’t go tell his 30-something wife.  Which if he was really in love with his ex-wife should have had the decency… wait scratch that… he shouldn’t have cheated on his wife in the beginning and end up in the position he was in.  (slowly stepping down from my soap box)

What I took away from the movie is this… and for the record I was NOT going to start off this new blog talking about me.

Parents of children who divorce, more often than not, only care about how they feel.  I mean do most people step back and think about what the children maybe going through.  again stepping off my soapbox

To be honest, it made me think of my own parents.  Which is where I am sure most of my anger feelings are coming from.   I want to say “yes my parents did the best they could” but did they?  Is most of my unstable-ness a product of the divorce.  I used to not think so but going into the new year I want to start being completely honest with myself and not hold back because I don’t want to carry this shit with me for the rest of my life.

So here goes… I’m gonna say it…

My parents divorce, even after 13-ish years (not to mention my father has passed away), is still affecting me.   It has affected me.  I am still angry at how things turned out.  I am still sad that I don’t have the type of family a girl dreams about having, for example going  to see my family during the holidays and watching my children chase pap-pap around or mom in the kitchen cooking or my brother and Caleb playing video games while my brothers’ wife chases their little one around.   I wanted that and dammit it still makes me angry.

…so, yes, it’s complicated.

I present to you…


I would so totally drive this year round!!

{December 29, 2009}   Currently under re-construction!!

Be prepared! Whole new look and re-vamped blog! Coming soon!!!

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